New Year, New Name, New Look!

Yes, you are in the right place!  This has been the home of HD Creative, and we’re transitioning the website with a whole new look!  Keep your eyes open, there will more changes coming up!  We want to make this a fun experience!


Rebooting! 3…2…1…GO!

What do I mean by rebooting?  Sometimes we all need a fresh start with, well, whatever we’re doing.  It’s 2015, and we’re giving ourselves a Reboot, starting with a brand new name: Hand Crafting for Christ!  Why, you ask?  We want our name to convey very simply what our Ministry is all about!  We craft things by hand to give to others, how could it be simpler?

Plus, over the next month the website will be changing and have a new look and a new address!  However, the current website address will still work, and redirect you to the new address!!  Don’t worry, it will be easy!

We have a Crafting Workshop (Yes, another new name!) coming up on January 10th from 9:30 to 2:00.  Please bring your lunch, come and have some fun!

Sewing Lesson

You know all those ‘kits’ we have?  They’re easy, peasey, and we’ll teach you how to make your own!  We have all the materials, this is what you need to bring:
Cutting mat
24″ ruler
Rotary cutter (it’s easier to use for cutting out the scarves)
Regular scissors (for cutting out the hats, but don’t bring your best ones, fleece tends to dull them)

We’ve got fleece, new patterns (plus the great ones we’ve been using), and new ides for making hats, scarves and hooded scarves.  It’s time to make a fresh start!

The hats & scarves were absolutely wonderful this past year!  Not only were they superb to look at, had wonderful workmanship, but we had more than twice as many as we expected!  We were able to donate to sooo many people!

Crochet Lesson

Teresa will be introducing us to some really fun new crochet stitches!  She showed us some of them, and I know you will enjoy making them!  Don’t worry, they’re all ‘easy’!

First is the Wavy Stitch! A gently rolling ripple stitch in three colors. This is a great stitch pattern for hats, scarves, baby blankets, lap robes, and prayer shawls.
We will be making a matching hat and scarf set for an adult woman.
What you need to bring:
Worsted weight (Group 4) yarn in 3 colors that go well together – 5 ounces of each color
(Color choice suggestion – choose a variegated yarn; then, select two different colors that match those in the variegated yarn)
Size H/8 and I/9 crochet hooks
Yarn needle

Bookmarks: If you have enjoyed making the bookmarks, don’t worry!  We will have a whole Lesson devoted to making bookmarks of all sorts!  It will be an adventurous time!

What’s Coming Up
  • Jan 10, 2015 Crafting Workshop! 9:30-2:00
  • Feb 14, 2015 Crafting Workshop! 9:30-2:00
  • Mar 14, 2015 Crafting Workshop! 9:30-2:00
  • Apr 11, 2015 Crafting Workshop! 9:30-2:00
  • Ephesians 3:18 NLT
    And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.