Knitting Patterns

Free Patterns

Here's some websites that have free patterns.   You can find pattern for all the projects on this page.

Lion Brand Yarn
Red Heart

Lark Crafts
Fave Crafts
Crochet Pattern Central
All Free Crochet

Here's a chart for Yarn weights and appropriate hook or needle sizes.

If you would like to decorate/embellish a hat, here's a cute pattern for Teeny Tiny Hearts!


Hats & Scarves

Broken Rib Knit Hooded Scarf
Broken Rib Hooded Pocket Scarf - girls sizes

Child hat scarf mittens set - sm, med, lg
Child hat scarf mittens set

Best Hats For All!, which has both knit and crochet patterns, from Red Heart

Here's a great Snowboarder Hat Knitting Pattern, an earflap hat!

Here's a variety of hat and scarf patterns from Fave Crafts

Note: For knitted or crocheted scarves, the longer lengths would make for heavy scarves.  So please use this guide:
     Jr./Sr. high and adult - about 6' (72"!)
    4th - 6th grade - about 5' (60"!)
    1st - 3rd grade - about 4' (48"!)

Cancer Hats

Head Huggers has a large assortment of hat patterns for sewing, knitting and crocheting.
Brimming With Love has links to several patterns.

Shawls / Wraps

Shawls / Wraps: they can be either long rectangular (2'-2.5' wide and 4'-5' long) or triangular (about 5’-6’ on the long edge)

Leaf Shadow Prayer Shawl

Lap Robes & Baby Blankets

The size is similar, the purpose is different, and the basic difference between them is color, theme, and who you're making them for!

Baby Blanket for Beginners
Super Easy Baby Blanket

Ellen’s Easiest Ever Baby Blanket