Blankets Galore!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer!

Haven’t we been having fun with the new projects?  I know there are several people at work crocheting the plarn mats.  Thank you to everyone who has donated bags, and helped cut them up for our energetic crocheters!

We will meet from 9:30am to 2:00pm on Saturday, July 9th, and remember to bring all of your supplies, and your lunch!

Coming Up:

Here’s some optional opportunities.  These won’t be formal ‘lessons’, but if you would like help with them, please ask!  There are several people who know how to make them!  We can work side-by-side with you if you desire.  As always, please work on whatever project you would like; these are just suggested if you would like ideas.  Your creativity is wonderful, and we encourage you to explore!  I love the ideas everyone has!

Coming up over the next few months we’ll be diving into ways of helping you make blankets!

In August, we’ll have written instructions and the tools needed to make fleece blankets.  You can bring your own fleece, plus we’ll have some fleece squared up and ready to go.

In September, we’ll have different ways to make quilts using 2.5″ strips.  You can use a precut jelly roll, or cut your own 2.5″ strips!  We will also have some 2.5″ strips cut, all ready to sew.   We will be providing patterns for several different quilts.  I never realized how many different quilts you could make with 2.5″ strips!

These can also be more scrappy – if you would like, you can bring your 2.5″ strips, share with others, and make it even more scrappy!  Bonnie Hunter does all scrappy quilts, and hers are just beautiful!  Take a look at her website: Quiltville, where she also has lots of free patterns.  If you go down the page about 2/3 of the way, you’ll see the Scrappy Mountain Majesty quilt we did last year.  She also has a Facebook page: Quiltville’s Open Studio, where she shares tidbits, and many people post their projects and questions.  I sometimes ‘lose’ myself on her FB page and website, but they’re stock full of fun ideas!




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Psalm 90:17

    May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us - yes, establish the work of our hands.
  • 2 Timothy 1:13 NLT
    Hold on to the pattern of wholesome teaching you learned from me - a pattern shaped by the faith and love that you have in Christ Jesus.