Pillowcases for Wheeler Mission

Our first project will be pillowcases for Wheeler Mission in Indianapolis.  We’ll start in November, and finish up in mid-December.  This one will be on your own, but please contact us if you have any questions!

Per request of Wheeler Mission, the fabric choice is ‘tasteful, non-holiday’ fabric; a variety of colors, prints and solids is welcome.  It’s important to pre-wash all your fabric!  I wash it warm water with laundry soap, then put it in the dryer.  This will help to prevent shrinkage, colors running, and softens the fabric!

Here is an easy pattern to use from the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge:

Basic Pillowcase Pattern, this is the last one on the 3rd row.

And if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, here’s a slightly more challenging pattern.  Please only use this one if you’re more comfortable with sewing!

Roll It Up Pattern, this is the first one on the 1st row.

Here’s a video for the Roll It Up pillowcase!

To insure that the seams don’t ravel, here’s 3 suggestions:

  1. after you sew the seam, do a zigzag stitch to encase the edges
  2. serge the seams (if you have a serger)
  3. do a french seam (as explained on page 4 of the Roll It Up! pattern)

Currently Wheeler Mission has about 80 women and about 20 children; our hope is to have one for every person.  The children are from toddler to teenage, but boys are only allowed up to age 12.   Their max capacity is 112, and they usually have at least 100.

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Psalm 90:17

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